Nutra Solution Superba™ Boost 南極磷蝦油 60粒

參考號碼 : HKTT_NS01


  • 100%提取自南極野生磷蝦
  • 含有豐富Omega-3 (EPA及DHA)、磷脂及抗氧化蝦青素
  • 吸收利用率Bioavailability比魚油高1.5倍
  • 促進腦部、心血管及關節健康
  • 生態漁獵Eco Harvesting認證,對環境不構成破壞
  • 一樽60粒,建議食用量為一日1-2粒


  1. 磷脂型Omega 3脂肪酸
    • Omega 3磷脂分子結構於人體細胞膜相近,優先傳送到細胞發揮效能,臨床證實服用磷蝦油所攝取的Omega 3比魚油能夠高出45%
    • 能在胃中與水份融合,不會產生難聞魚腥味
  2. 含抗氧化蝦青素
    • 保持Omega 3穩定性,油脂不易氧化變壞
  3. 磷蝦100%可追溯源頭
    • 產自南極無污染水域,接近食物鏈的最底層,安全可靠


  1. 大腦健康
    • 腦細胞含有大量Omega-3:DHA促進大腦的生長和發育,EPA則有助腦神經訊息傳遞。
    • 臨床研究證實增加Omega 3攝取量有效提升活力、專注力及認知功能,並減低負面情緒值。
  2. 心血管健康
    • 臨床實證服食磷蝦油可提升Omega-3指數,Omega-3指數是嶄新心血管健康指標,反映紅血球的Omega-3含量,提高指數。
    • Nutrition Research研究顯示,連續服用磷蝦油星期可增加降低血脂含量,維持正常的膽固醇指數
  3. 關節健康
    • Omega-3具有天然抗發炎功效,紓緩關節不適、改善機能
    • 90名關節痛患者連續食用磷蝦油或安慰劑:7天過後,服用磷蝦油已顯著減少關節不適29%、僵硬問題20%及機能損傷23%;14天後更可降低不良因子30%




▪ 100% extracted from Antarctic Krill
▪ Superior sources of Omega-3 (EPA & DHA), phospholipid and antioxidant astaxanthin
▪ 1.5 times absorption and bioavailability than fish oil
▪ Improves brain, cardiovascular and joint health
▪ Eco-Harvesting technology of catching krill with environmentally sound way

▪ (1) Omega-3 Phospholipid structure
▪ Strucuture similar to human cell membrane, more readily uptake by cell, clinically show krill oil 45% higher total omega 3 plasma level than fish oil group
▪ Mix with water in stomach well and gives no fishy aftertaste
▪ (2) Contain antioxidant astaxanthin
▪ Protect omega-3 from being oxidized and damaged
▪ (3) 100% Traceability of harvesting position
▪ Antarctic Krill comes from the cleanest water on earth with no pollutants

▪ (1) Improve Brain Functions and Memory
▪ Healthy brain contains a large amount of Omega-3: DHA is essential for brain development, whereas EPA is influential on behavior and mood
▪ Clinical research shows that increase Omega-3 absorption significantly improves vigor and concentration and cognitive functions, while reduces depression.
▪ (2) Maintain Cardiovascular Health
▪ Krill Oil can improve the Omega-3 Index 125% within 8 weeks and lower the risk of coronary heart disease
▪ (3) Support joint Comfort and Flexibly
▪ Omega-3 has natural anti-inflammatory properties, which can reduce joint discomfort associated with arthritis
▪ Clinical study reported than krill oil can significantly reduce joint pain, stiffness and damage by 29%, 20% and 23% respectively by 7 days
Indications & Contraindications
▪ Consult a physician prior to taking Krill Oil if you are allergic to seafood or shellfish, pregnant, lactating, diagnosed with coagulopathy or on prescribed medication.

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