3Biotics Ecologic Barrier 多元益生菌 (30包) Probiotics

參考號碼 : HKTT_301






Level 1 添加腸道益菌
Ecologic Barrier含有8種乳桿菌、雙歧桿菌及乳酸球菌,不但有效抑制壞菌,穩定腸道微生態,更可製造維他命B及短鏈脂肪酸,幫助消化及促進營養吸收。同時,益生菌能夠刺激腸道蠕動,改善便秘或腹瀉問題。

Level 2 強化腸道屏障

研究顯示,Ecologic Barrier有效修復細胞之間的隙縫,令屏障結構變得更加厚實,抵禦外來物入侵。

Level 3 活化免疫機能
根據科研刊物《食物及營養學》所記錄,Ecologic Barrier可以透過活化免疫細胞去增加保護性抗體,減輕敏感問題。同時,益生菌更有效分解病菌毒素,增強整體免疫力。

2. 釋放快樂因子,改善情緒
Ecologic Barrier有效放鬆心情,增加大腦快樂因子。荷蘭萊頓大學臨床研究證實,當健康人士連續服用Ecologic Barrier四星期後,他們的表現更為正面積極,負面想法和悲傷情緒顯著減少。

腸道藏有數十億的神經細胞,更負責製造身體90%有「快樂荷爾蒙」之稱的血清素,影響我們的情緒、認知、決定甚至性格!Ecologic Barrier透過改善腸道功能,令心情放鬆愉快。

3. 50億益生菌直達腸道
優質的益生菌需要通過多重考驗,順利抵達腸道才能夠全面發揮功效。Ecologic Barrier以PROBIOACT多層包覆技術,通過耐胃酸、酵素和膽鹽測試,能夠抵禦腸道的苛刻環境,確保50億活性益生菌可在腸道定點繁殖。

4. 八種強效益生菌組合 針對不同體質需要



Amount: 30 bags (granules), each bag contains 5 billion activated probiotics

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Each package contains 5 billion probiotics, combined by 8 types of strong probiotics to facilitate intestinal health and boost immunity.




  • Clinical strength probiotic formula with 8 different species of beneficial flora
  • The 4 in 1 Solution to:
    1. Improve Brain Power and Mood,
    2. Replenish Beneficial Bacteria,
    3. Support Digestive Health and;
    4. Boosts Immune System
  • Guaranteed potency of at least 50 billion active cultures (CFU) per sachet by PROBIOACT Technology
  • 2 x 30 sachets dietary supplement; manufactured in a GMP registered facility


  • Multispecies probiotic formula, 8 probiotics strains have mutually beneficial interaction or synergy to improve overall functionality and efficacy
  • 3 levels protection offered in gut lumen, epithelium and immune response
  • Probiotic strains in Ecologic Barrier have been tested to provide a tolerance and resistance to harsh environment e.g. low pH condition, bile and digestive enzyme, and to reach target areas actively.


  1. Improve Brain Power and Mood: Study performed at Leiden University, 40 healthy individuals were given Ecologic Barrier or placebo for 4 weeks, people taking probiotic reported significantly less reactivity to sad mood
  2. Replenish Beneficial Bacteria: Contains 8 strains form Lactobacillus, Lactococcus and Bifidobacterium, Ecologic Barrier inhibits harmful bacteria overgrowth and helps restore healthy gut flora
  3. Support Digestive Health: Ecologic Barrier can alleviate occasional digestive distress. It reinforces intestinal barrier function and prevent pathogens, toxins and other antigens from entering bloodstream
  4. Boost Immune System: Probiotic regulate gut health, where more than 70% of the body’s immune system resides. Research shows that Ecologic Barrier mediates immune response.

Indications & Contraindications

  • Not suitable for children under 1 year of age


HKD $ 298